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What is different between Synthetic Hair and Human Hair - Burning Test Video

What is different between Synthetic Hair and Human Hair? there are 3 simple ways to identify.

1. It is tested with electric plywood. The electric plate to plug in the power supply, the temperature of the plywood to a maximum of 220 degrees, and so the temperature reached, the use of electronic pincers to force the hair to be detected, gently pull 5-6 times, if it is hair Straighten, if it is fibrous hair will become curled or melted, as well as their own touch, others the hand feel is not the same for the two hair.

2. Much difference price of synthetic hair wigs and Human Hair, the Human hair wigs price about is 3-8 times of synthetic hair wigs.

3. If you have two kinds of hair, you try to tear off a few with fire to test, the real person after the fever can be crushed ash. And the fiber will burn hard after the hard, grind is not broken. Real hair and fiber burning my taste is also very different.

Follow is the hair burning experiment, the hair from our factory stock.

Hair Burn Testing Video 1  -  left is Synthetic Hair, right is Human Hair


Hair Burn Testing Video 2  -  after some minutes, see the hair residue.