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The most complete introduction of Unice and Unice Hair Introduction is among the recognized companies dealing with production, processing, and supply of real human hair all over the world. If you are looking for genuine, reliable and convenient human hair products, brands will have you sorted. The truth is that; their operational experience has improved its research strategies, design skills, marketing, shipping process, and distribution of their ready products globally.


Unice hair company got established in the year 1999 at Xuchang, Henan province located in China. The company’s name is a combination of “U” that illustrates a focus on their users and “nice,” a definition of their products.  Their primary goal is to produce exceptional products to give their clients a natural, authentic, and comfortable feeling. This concept has transformed from a low profile company into a top-notch one.

Development history

The company’s passion, commitment, and hard work facilitated their moving to the International Trading in the year 2011. The milestone encouraged them to upgrade their products and customer care service which attracted blocks of loyal clients. On 18th December 2013, entered Aliexpress online sellers where it was rated top three in 2015, increasing the range of supply.

Later on, the company organized a 60 professional sales team in 2014 for effective sales and marketing. On 16th February 2015, entered Amazon which facilitated their establishment of a local warehouse in California and later rebranded from Unice hair company to On 20th February 2016, it joined eBay which engineered to top ratings on Aliexpress.  After entering the named online platforms, Unice Hair Company registered above 50,000 users in the year 2017.

In July 2018, the company introduced Icenu, Kysiss, Banicoo, and Bettyou virgin hair series to suit their customer’s preferences. Finally, on 1st September 2018, held a grand opening of a physical human hair store in Los Angeles for marketing purposes, supply of products to their customers.

Products supplies a variety of products for customer selection. Their main products include;

  • Indian hair
  • European human hair
  • Human hair weave
  • Hair Wigs
  • Malaysian hair
  • Mongolian virgin hair
  • Peruvian hair
  • Virgin Brazilian hair
  • Hair extensions

Recently, also launched the below series on their named brands;

  • Icenu
  • Bettyou
  • Kysiss
  • Banicoo

Benefits of choosing products

  1. First, the company produces high-quality and affordable human hair without synthetic or animal hair.
  2. Secondly, has competent shipping staffs and equipment to ensure fast delivery of orders to their customers.
  3. The company also employs professional customer care personnel who provides excellent 24/7 online service.
  4. In addition to that, individuals without a choice of virgin hair to put on can request free advice from professional hair consultants.
  5. Contrary to other companies, clients can track the status of their orders by login into their accounts and fill on the requested details.
  6. Finally, the company has a wholesale program meant for business owners; where the wholesalers can acquire bulk order on discount.

Shipping and billing methods

Shipments for US-based orders are made from their CA warehouse, where the free shipping method via USPS delivers them within five days. In case of urgent requests, the client can comfortably apply for an express shipping method at the cost of $20, and delivered within three working days.

On the other hand, international orders are shipped from the China warehouse via free shipping methods such as; USPS, TNT, and DHL, and then delivered within seven working days. accepts payments made via; PayPal, MasterCard, Discovery, Visa, and American Express, payable after placing your order.




You can reach the company for orders, inquiries, compliment, recommendations, or complains via their below contacts;

Physical address

Westfield Culver City Mall

6000 Sepulveda Blvd., Suite#2640,

Westfield Culver City, CA 90230


New York mall

962 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn

Newyork 11226

The above warehouses operate 24/7 from Monday to Friday and on Sundays from 4 PM to 12 AM.


Phone number: 626-782-4321

Whatsapp: +8615837472067


Alternatively, you can contact them on their facebook page, twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google plus, Pinterest, and yelp.

Top sellers

  • Aliexpress online sellers
  • eBay online seller
  • Amazon


Some of their current published reviews include;

“Love this hair very soft and got a lot of compliments. Best hair and hold curls. OMG and the seller is awesome response to questions. Best hair I have ordered. Will most order again.”

-T**s on 11th November 2018

“I’ve had the hair for a week now, and I love it true to length, shipping was really fast, and seller communication was amazing definitely my new go to.”

-S*****I on 11th Feb 2018

“Hair came very quickly and was very soft Owner kept me updated throughout the whole process.”

-B*****y on 29th October 2018


A decent hair type and style is a significant factor when modifying your looks. When it comes to beauty and elegance, human hair products never disappoint. Interestingly, the hair displays volume and a dramatic swaying that any woman would love while walking. In addition to that, Company has excellent coordination that ensures a steady supply of high-quality products to their clients at competitive prices.



BeautyForever brand profile

Who is BeautyForever
Beautyforever is among the most prominent manufacturers, suppliers, and sellers of human hair products globally. They have been providing their customers with high-quality hair products for the past 15 years and offering employment opportunities to many.
Some of their human hair types include; Peruvian hair, Brazilian hair, virgin hair, Indian hair, and Malaysian hair.
At Beauty Forever, all the customers’ demands are met through provision of varieties of human hair which includes; Hair extensions, hair wigs, virgin hair weaves, and lace closures and frontals which bears with different colors and styles such as; straight, Body wave, curly, deep wave, natural wave, and loose wave. Their products and services are usually available at competitive prices.
BeautyForever History
The company got established in the year 1999 in Xuchang, China. Surprisingly, Beauty forever started as a Small-sized local textile processing enterprise which gradually, developed to the best global human hair enterprises specializing in human hair designs, production, and suppliers. In 2016, they managed to create a website which transformed into professional human hair sellers and best suppliers.
Beauty Forever products are a combination of quality, fashion, and styles giving any woman elegance, esteem, and a genuine attitude of life. Our experience and passion in the industry enable us to produce bulks of virgin human hair products that match the current trends and fashion.
During the creation of your favorite products, they do not mix human hair with animal hair or synthetics. They guarantee a 100% human hair. Remember, as the leading human hair producer, seller, and suppliers the company understand their responsibility- provide the best products.
Advantages of using Beauty forever products
Individuals with slow hair growth must not worry, Beauty forever has enormous hair extensions available in different colors, sizes, and styles such as; U-tip, I-tip, PU skin, and Clip- they have got all of their clients covered.
Secondly, the company uses 100% human hair products (no synthetic, no animal hair) which keep its originality and demands for low maintenance. Such implies that one can comfortably wash, dry or straighten the weaves without deteriorating or losing its value or shape.
In addition to that, the natural hair from the company gives its users dramatic look such that, it moves naturally, bounces back, and displays volume while walking. Note that, it does not matter the which of the products you choose, an outstanding look will always be the case.

Similarly, being an online natural hair wholesaler and retailer, Beauty Forever ensure that their products are readily available globally. They achieve this through cooperation with the customer care professionals. Also, the company have committed and motivated partners and suppliers who enhance quick shipping processes globally. We believe in reliability and honesty while conducting our deals.
The customers also, take advantage of dependable discounts and promotions which includes; a 5% discount for purchasing two of our products, commissions to wholesalers, and free shipping services for wholesalers from any corner of the world.
Finally, being in the industry for over 15 years, Beauty Forever uses high technological machines which guarantee high-quality products. Besides, they have acquired the necessary experience and mastered client’s demands depending on styles and fashion.

Contact BeautyForever
Reach the company via the below connections in case of orders or inquiries;
Physical address
Room 1702, Building 16A,
The National University Science and technology park,
Dianchang Road, Zhengzhou city, Henan province, China
Telephone: 6262487420
Alternatively, contact Beauty Forever via social media;
Whatsapp number: +8618737179734
Email address:
Facebook page: beauty forever hair
Twitter handle: @beautyforevertw
Instagram account:@beauty_forever_hair
The esteemed company offers a 24-hour online service from Monday to Friday but operates from 5:30 pm to 11:59 pm on Sundays.
BeautyForever Shipments
Shipments are usually made from China to USA warehouses via USPs where delivery takes between two and five working days. From there, some of the products go to; Canada using DHL (takes four to six days), America via UPS(takes a maximum of five working days), Africa via DHL (takes up to five days), Europe via DHL(maximum of six days), and Australia via TNT (takes up to six days.)
Interestingly, the customers can also shop directly from the website, where they are required to register with Beauty forever and earn some points. Western Union, Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal are their preferred methods of payments.
BeautyForever Reviews
Since the company mostly depend on online markets, they value the customers recommendations and views. The truth is a positive review keeps the company motivated. Below are samples of the comments on their website website;
On 25th may 2017, the company got fantastic feedback from an online customer, “Everything was perfect, it came faster than I thought & I would love to post a picture for you guys. Thank you so much.”
On 18th April 2018, they received the best review the company has been waiting for; “I am really pleased with this hair, it is amazing, good quality, it’s shiny, the curls are very defined, even after I washed the hair, the curls remained the same. I will definitely buy another one. I will write another feedback within a month to update on the hair.”
On 20th November 2018, another impromptu review popped in their Facebook page. The truth is; the comment added much value to the company. Therefore, the company have more reasons to offer the best products to their esteemed customers. “This hair is amazing bouncy, soft, no bad smell. Everything was amazing the bundles weren’t as thick, but I figured it was normal. Great hair great communication as well shipped in like 4 days.”

Nadula History

Are you a lover of virgin human hair? Are you looking for a reputable human hair company for your business partnership? Do not look further since Nadula products will leave you sorted. Nadula hair and wigs factory is among the leading companies that produce, sells, and supplies high-quality, unique, and presentable human hair to all corners of the world.

Some of their natural hair brands include; Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, virgin hair, Malaysian hair, and Indian hair that gives a real definition of an elegant woman.
Besides, they have varieties of human hair wigs, hair extensions, weaves, and lace closures available in different styles, sizes, textures, and colors. Also, their weave textures are incomparable. Some of their weave types are; water wave, body wave, hairs with curls, straight, natural wave, and deep wave.

Talking of hair wigs, Nadula makes monofilament human hair wigs which cover their customers’ demand. Some of their wigs include; curly, straight, and wavy human hair wigs available in short, medium, and long sizes depending on their customer’s taste and preferences. The best thing about this reputable company is that their products are always available in the market at competitive prices.

Nadula History
Nadula is an enormous natural hair company located in Xuchang, China. They are known for being among the leading factories in providing the best quality human hair products globally. The company got established fourteen years ago and since then, they produce, processes, sells, and export their products within and out of China.

Advantages of Nadula products
Nadula products give its user a slay look. Putting on a Nadula human hair improves the user’s looks and personality. Their colors are also noticeable from far giving the user an illusion of natural hair.
Secondly, the esteemed company serves its clients with a 100% real hair free from chemicals and animal hair.

Nadula wigs, braids, and extensions are durable to the extent of lasting a year without losing or deteriorating their value or shape. You only need to re-style or trim it to your preferred size and style whenever it feels monotonous.
Also, the company sticks to its shipping schedule to ensure that, no shipping inconveniences arise.

Their cooperative, qualified and experienced workers are usually committed to meeting the customer’s standards.
Talking of fashions and trends, Nadula has passionate partners and researchers who ensure that they supply their customers with human hair according to the emerging trends.
Wholesalers also have the benefit of purchasing their orders on discount.
The company operates with the new technological machines and equipment ensuring their clients’ consistent supply of quality products at a reasonable cost. In addition to that, Nadula has qualified and experienced staff, able to deliver on their customers’ demand and preferences.
Finally, being in the online beauty industry for the past fourteen years, the company has mastered the concept of honesty and reliability while conducting their deal.

Payments and shipments
All orders are made on weekdays (Monday to Saturday), but in case the customer gives incorrect shipping telephone number, and address, whereafter the fifth day the order is canceled. Their preferred billing methods include; T/T, Western Union, Credit card, Moneygram International, and Paypal. supplies their products from their secured warehouses based in Lagos-Nigeria, California-US, and China to different regions in; US, Canada, Europe, Brazil, UK, and Nigeria.

Nadula Contacts
If you have any inquiry, quotation, or concern, you can reach the company via the below contacts;
Telephone number: 626-692-9008;
Whatsapp number: +86-17698011015;



Interestingly, you can also contact the company via their facebook page, twitter handle, Google plus, Instagram, Pinterest, and on their YouTube channels.

A review places a company or brand into its right position. However, every positive review energizes the company hence motivating it towards providing clients with the best products. The experience isn’t different when it comes to the The truth is follows closely on their customer’s feedback to maintain or improve their services. Below are some of their treasured replies.

“The hair was really wonderful and soft I loved it, it was easy to bleach and color, the texture didn’t change at all it stayed soft, also it did not shed at all I will be ordering from Nadula again.”
-Ty’Reanna on 16th November 2018

“Hi. I Love the hair is pretty, and it’s so soft you guys outdid yourself....”
-Beverly Glass on 16th November 2018

“I love the hair it’s so full, love Nadula hair
-Faith on 10th November 2018

Tedhair hair brand

About Tedhair is one of the leading beauty companies that deals with the production, processing, selling and supplying quality human hair worldwide. It’s officially recognized as Guangzhou TedHair Company limited. The company is famous for providing premium products to local and international distributors, retailers, wholesalers, online stores, and hair salons globally. It manages its activities by shipping the final products to their secured warehouses for quick distribution.
If you are looking for a reputable human hair company, do not look further since has everything you need; from braids, weaves, wigs, to extensions. Secondly, the company provides excellent wholesale services and reasonable prices on their products. Also, it operates using the new technology machinery and equipment to ensure that, there is a steady supply and consistent quality of the human hair produced.
Guangzhou TedHair Company limited started in the year 2009 in China. Interestingly, it started with over 500 qualified employees. The company’s mission was to produce and supply a variety of 100% human hair products locally and internationally. They had to invest in the online platform since their target market was international.
To achieve on their mission, they incorporated some passionate partners, researchers, and marketers to update them on what’s trending in the market. Also, they carefully selected qualified employees to handle the factory's projects professionally and operate the production machinery and equipment.
Now that you are updated about the company’s affairs, it’s equally important to acquire information on their human hair brands.
? Human hair weave
? Hair extensions
? Peruvian hair
? Hair Wigs
? Virgin Brazilian hair
? Malaysian hair
? European human hair
? Indian hair
? Mongolian virgin hair

Advantages of using TedHair products
? The firm produces quality hair products and services to serve vendors, distributors, online stores, and salon shops worldwide. They attract customers by ensuring the products meet their taste and preferences.
? The Ted hair premium products reach the wholesalers directly from the factory at competitive prices. Every time they release the ready products, they introduce a new style or design for their customers’ sake.
? Their human hair is 100% natural and pure with a smooth feel. Also, the hair is weft to reduce shedding such that, your hair maintains its initial shape and value for long.
? They have fast shipping services where clients get their orders on time without inconveniences.
? Also, there isn't a set minimum or maximum to order; therefore, one can buy the bulk depending on his or her pocket.
? The wholesalers also benefit when buying from Tedhair Company since the more you buy, the more substantial the discount.
Tedhair Company limited has two warehouses located in USA (Atlanta warehouse and Losangeles warehouse) where the online products are shipped from China to the warehouses via DHL means of transport for distribution. However, the shipments are made at the customers’ expense, depending on the customers’ order, delivery time, cost, estimated packaging weight, preferred shipping company, and the destination.
Mode of payment
Once you place your order, the TedHair staff confirms and provides a quotation on the expected amount, payable before delivery. The acceptable billing methods include; Money Gram, Western Union, PayPal, Or T/T Transfer. For your information, an extra fee of 5% is usually charged to customers paying via PayPal.
TedHair contacts
In case of orders, quotations, or inquiries reach the firm through the below connections.
Postal Address
TedHair Factory,
5677 Burford Highway NE #207, Doraville,
GA 30340, USA
TedHair Atlanta Warehouse
Postal Address
5677 Burford Highway NE, STE #207
Doraville, GA 30340, or
Phone number: 16788826465 (a 24-hour)
The warehouse operates from Monday to Friday between 9.30AM to 6.00PM and Saturdays from 9.30 AM to 3.00 PM.
TedHair Los Angeles Warehouse
Postal address
20515 E Walnut Dr. N,
Walnut, CA 91789
Phone number: 16262773837 (24/7 operational)
The Los Angeles warehouse operates from Monday to Friday, 9.00 Am to 6 Pm.
You can also reach the company via their Facebook, Instagram, YouTube channel, and Linked In account.
Some Customers Reviews
Below is some of the feedback the company received from their esteemed customers translated from Swahili.
“I like the hair it’s good. Could get the different colors I put in. I also go downstair buy jewerly. That is sosososo convenient.”
- By Jasmine J (a week ago)
“Love this place...GREAT quality hair… Thanks Emma!”
- By Germaine Stewart (three days ago)

Know more about WowAfrican, is a great site?
Who They Are 
They are the leading maker and online seller of a broad range of high-quality professional virgin hair across the world. For more than 15 years now, they have been helping women be at their best by providing a variety of virgin human hair types including Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian, and Malaysian at very competitive prices. 
Also, they make and sell all kinds of virgin human hair inclusive of weaves, clips in hair extensions, lace closure, and lace wigs. Therefore, regardless of the specific type of virgin human hair that you are looking for, you are sure to find it in our online store.
Their History 
Over the years, they have undergone several changes that now make us unique. They started as an OEM for some of the leading brands of virgin human hair. Our commitment to efficiency and quality as a manufacturer at the time won us accolades across the world. 
It's because of the quality of our products and processes that they decided to launch our unique brand. Ever since they have not looked back; WowAfrican has been fully committed to its original values of quality and efficiency. Currently, all out products speak volumes about the far they can go to help our customers get virgin human hair products of the best quality. 
As a company, they stick to using 100% human hair when preparing our products. They do not mix human hair with synthetics or animal hair. They believe that they owe you the best products as one of the leading companies in the business of making virgin human hair. 
What Makes WowAfrican Unique? 
The WowAfrican factory, which has been running for many years, utilizes the machine wefts and lace wigs production processes. All the products go through specific steps involving preparation, sewing, cutting, and styling before the final packaging step. 
Secondly, they can supply virgin human hair products to every part of the world, thanks to the evolution of our customer value proposition and internal processes. As an online retailer, they maintain a network of suppliers and partners across the world. Thus, they can now efficiently ship our products to any corner of the world within a reasonable time.
Besides, they maintain stocks at optimal levels. Because of this approach, they can confidently guarantee all our customers a steady and reliable supply of their favorite products.
As a small company that serves a global audience via an online platform, they hold dear several essential values. For example, they believe in honesty when dealing with our customers. 
WowAfrican has cultivated a keen sense of responsibility over the years during which they have been in operation. These values have been passed down to all our employees. Hence, WowAfrican is a highly dependable organization that you can do business with always.
They Core Values 
At the core of our operations, there is the desire to provide the best for our customers. For example, they make sure that every single hair product that they stock has passed strict quality standards. Thus, when you purchase any product from this online store, you are confident that the quality assurance department has checked it thoroughly. 
WowAfrican uses this approach because of the need to establish long-lasting relationships with customers. 
Although our interaction starts with hair products, it tends to go beyond that. They view our role as helping to get the best out of you in your life. Therefore, they seek to establish long-lasting relationships with our clients by developing and conveniently providing the best products. 
They have optimized the online purchasing process on our platform to make it easy for you to complete the process. You can easily choose the specific product you are interested in, check the prices, and add it to your cart within a few minutes. 
Moreover, it is easy to compare the prices and qualities of related products when making a purchase. Thus, buyers on our online platform go through a highly convenient and secure process to get the right products that they would like to purchase.