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About Bellami Hair

Bellami Hair is a hair beauty products company that wants every woman in the world to believe that they are beautiful. The majority of their products are entirely made of human Remy hair that is easy to apply and hardly noticeable because it blends well with natural hair.

One of the most crucial aspects of the operations of Bellami Hair is their dedication to customer service. The company ensures that the customer's priorities are attuned to, before the purchase, during delivery and better yet, after the application of the product.


As mentioned above, Bellami Hair pays close attention to the wishes of their consumers. In case of any queries, clients can visit the head office, which is located at 3850 Royal Avenue Suite A, Simi Valley, California. The headquarters remain open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays.


Bellami Hair was established in 2012 by Julius Salerno and Nikki Eslami. The company has since grown from a modest hair products e-commerce store into one of the biggest fashion brands in the US. At the time of writing, it had 50 employees.  Another proof of its development is the opening of satellite offices in Houston, Miami, New York, West Hollywood, and Vancouver.

Products Sold by Bellami Hair

Bellami Hairs offers a wide range of products for the conditioning of human hair. They include;

  • Clip hair extensions – these are temporarily applied to supplement natural hair. They comprise human hair ponytails, synthetic ponytails, clip-in extensions, and clip-in bangs.
  • Permanent hair extensions – these are the longer-lasting alternatives to the extensions mentioned above. They include tape-in extensions, keratin tip extensions, I-tip extensions, and sew-in extensions.
  • Wigs – this comprises Alinna synthetic wigs, synthetic hair wigs, and human hair wigs.
  • Lashes – these include the new Bellami lashes and Dove Cameron lashes.
  • Hair tools – these are useful in conditioning hair products. They include blow dryers, curling irons, hair styling toolsets, and a 2-in-1 curler and flat iron.
  • Accessories – they include wig accessories, hair extension storage bags, hair brushes, and detanglers, and hair replacement tapes.

Advantages of using Bellami Hair

  • The customer support is online throughout the week and promptly responds to any queries about the company.
  • The online store offers a vast variety of hair beauty products, along with the required accessories.
  • Purchases are available for both wholesale and retail customers.
  • The company continually releases new products to serve the ever-growing demands of their clients.

Social Media

Social media presence is invaluable to every online business in this age. Bellami Hair has active accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube, through which it updates customers of any new developments and responds to their queries as well.

Best-Selling Products

Of all the products listed on Bellami Hair, the following have generated the highest sales;

  • Niki Demartino 16" 120g Hair Extensions
  • Magnifica 240g 24" Clip In Hair Extensions
  • Balayage by Guy Tang 160g 20" Clip In Ombre Hair Extensions
  • Natalie Eva Marie 120g To 240g 18" To 24" Testarossa Hair Extensions
  • Bellami Ombre 160g 20" Clip In Hair Extensions


According to most customers, the most impressive quality of Bellami Hair products is that they can be washed, dried, and ironed like natural human hair.

Bellami Hair has done a lot to fulfil their primary objective of making women feel attractive.  This company is gaining popularity because of its excellence, and has already expanded its reach to Canada. This trend is widely expected to continue as the company works to become a global leader in the hair beauty industry.


How about Divatress hair?

Divatress Company Profile

Divatress is an e-commerce platform that aims to become the most popular retail store for wigs on the internet. In addition to selling a vast variety of hair products, the company is working towards this goal by offering an exceptional shopping experience, quick deliveries, and prompt response to any issues raised by clients.

The name 'Divatress' comes from the term 'diva' which refers to a queen or a goddess, and 'tress' which is a lock of hair. The company believes that every woman should have a hairstyle that makes them feel beautiful.


The Divatress head offices are located on 2444 W. 16th Street, Ste 1E, Chicago, Illinois. The designated customer service hours are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. every weekday. 


Divatress was established in 2009. The company has since grown to become a household name in the hair beauty products niche. Their rapid expansions mean that the company now ships its products to many overseas countries.

Products sold by Divatress

Divatress made its name by selling wigs. The company, hover, has significantly diversified its product portfolio and now offers hair extensions and hair care products.

 The following are the products available on the Divatress e-commerce hair beauty store.

  • Wigs – this comprises synthetic wigs, human hair wigs, Remy wigs, human hair blend wigs, short & long wigs, and Pelucas.
  • Lace front wigs – these include braided wigs, lace frontal wigs, Remy lace front wigs, synthetic lace front wigs, and human hair lace front wigs.
  • Braiding hair – comprises synthetic braids, human hair braids, crochet braids, box braids, faux locs & loc braids, and hot braids.
  • Half wigs – includes synthetic half wigs, human hair half wigs and human hair blend half wigs.
  • Remy hair – comprises Remy weaves, Remy bundle hair, and Remy clip-ins.
  • Hair extension –comprises human hair extensions, human blend hair extensions, and synthetic hair extensions.
  • Ponytails – includes synthetic ponytails and human hair ponytails
  • Hair care products – include shampoos & conditioners, hair lotions & moisturizers, hair & body oil, and relaxers.
  • Accessories p includes styling tools, cobs &brushes, cosmetics, and polishes.

Advantages of Shopping with Divatress

  • The platform accepts popular payment methods such as PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.
  • Customer can easily track their shipments using a tracking number that is availed after order placement.
  • Customers can return a defective item within 30 days after its delivery for a refund, minus the shipping fee.
  • Divatress offers promotional discounts to all new customers.

Social Media

Divatress usually offers special promotions and updates using their social media channels. The company has accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube.


Best-selling Products on Divatress

Here is a list of the most popular hair products on the Divatress beauty store;

  • Outre Synthetic WigPop Wig – Shannon
  • Janet Collection Synthetic Noir Everytime Drawstring Ponytail – Gooseberry
  • Bobbi Boss Human Hair Blend Extreme Part Lace Front Wig – MBLF-230 Sana
  • Mane Concept Human Hair Blend Brown Sugar Natural Hairline Lace Front Wig – BSN204 Acadia
  • Janet Collection Synthetic Noir Everytime Drawstring Ponytail – Apricot


The majority of consumers of Divatress products recommend them for their ease of use, as well as pocket-friendly prices. They are also available in a wide range of options.


Divatress continues to appeal to many users because of the huge investments the company has made to give users an exceptional shopping experience. The firm has also made similar efforts in improving the delivery of goods, particularly to overseas destinations. The objective is to enable customers in foreign countries to receive their orders in the shortest time possible (24-48 hours).






ISEEHair Company Profile

ISEEHair Company Profile

ISEE Hair is a company that deals with the production and sale of hair beauty products. Its main objective is offering quality products at affordable prices. It is worth noting that ISEE Hair accepts both retail and wholesale purchases.

 ISEE Hair Customer's Show and Wigs Install, Review.



The physical address for the ISSE Hair beauty company is located at Xuchang City in the Henan Province in China. This is also the location of the factory where the hair products are produced. The facility is open to public visits throughout the year.


 ISEE hair began over two decades ago as a small factory serving the local Chinese market. The company has grown remarkably and now has users from several parts across the world. One of the main reasons for this tremendous success is the emphasis on quality customer care and the continual production of excellent products.

Products offed by ISEE Hair

ISEE hair has a vast collection of hair beauty products for sale. They include;

  • Wigs – these are defined by lace size, hair type, and hair density.
  • Human hair bundles – these are defined by type (Brazilian, Indian, Malaysian, Mongolian, Peruvian) or texture (straight, kinky, Afro, curtly, and so forth).
  • Human hair bundles with Closures – instead of coming as one product, this option gives the client a bundle at discounted prices.

Advantages of ISEE Hair Products

  • Multiple payment methods – the platform accepts payments made using PayPal, Western Union, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.
  • It is easy to track an ordered item before it reaches the client’s destination.
  • Fast deliveries – items are dispatched immediately after the confirmation of an order. The delivery time is usually five days or less, but this depends on the distance from China.
  • 15-day return and money back policy – if a client finds a product unsatisfactory, they can return it within 15 days and get a refund.
  • Every time a user makes a purchase, they earn loyalty points that can be redeemed for price discounts in the future.

Social Media

Similar to other online businesses, ISEE Hair is aware of the importance of having active social media accounts.  The company has a presence on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter. These accounts provide a medium for engaging with customers, both existing and prospective.

Best-selling Products from ISEE Hair

In terms of sales, the following are the most popular items sold on the ISEE hair website.

  • ISEE HAIR Straight Lace Frontal Wigs 100% Human Virgin Hair Wigs
  • ISEE 150% Density Lace Frontal Wig Mongolian Water Wave, 100% Human Virgin Hair Water Wave
  • ISEE HAIR Body Wave Lace Frontal Wigs 100% Gorgeous Human Virgin Hair Wigs
  • ISEE HAIR Kinky Curly Lace Frontal Wigs 100% Human Virgin Hair Wigs
  • ISEE HAIR Deep Curly Bundles Deal 9A Grade 100% Human Virgin Hair unprocessed



Overall, most people who are familiar with ISEE Hair products are satisfied with their quality and longevity. They also blend seamlessly with natural hair such that they are hardly noticeable.  The most important advantage, however, is their affordability and availability in several color options.


The targeting strategy adopted by ISEE Hair has paid huge dividends in terms of the company’s growth over the past 20 years. As long as the firm continues to produce quality and affordable products, the upward curve will certainly persist for the best part of the future.