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The Third Platform Amazon Hair


Amazon is the world's biggest online retailer, worth an estimated $800 million. It is often the first place customers think of when they want to online shop because they sell almost anything imaginable. Amazon dates back to 1994 when founder Jeff Bezos started the initial version of the company in Seattle. Amazon didn't make a profit until 2001, which was slow for growth, and when the tech bubble burst, Amazon survived and thrived. alexa rnak as follows.

Amazon currently has almost 650,000 employees around the world and generated $258 Billion in sales in 2018. 

Amazon is at the forefront of the market, so they offer a long list of brands that sell their wigs and weaves through the platform. Amazon allows for businesses to sell their products through the platform as a third-party. 

The full list of brand on Amazon are: Beauty Forever, BeiKaShang, Bella Hair, Black Rose Hair, DaJun, Dream Beauty, eCowboy, Fabeauty, FASHION LADY, FIRSTLIKE, Forawme, Freyja Hair, General, Generic, GracePlus, HairPR, Helene Hair, Hermosa, ISEE, ITODAY, Jon Renau, Jon Renau & Christy's Wigs, JulyQueen, Junhair, Lace closure and Weft, Lace Mid Part Closure And Weft, LaNova Beauty, LLJ, Maxine, Nadula, Newness, NOBLE QUEEN Hair, Noriko, Palfashion, Peony Red, Puromi, Queen Plus Hair, Raquel Welch & Christy's Wigs, Rene of Paris & Christy's Wigs, Ruiyu, Ruma Hair, Sina, Sina Beauty, Tony beauty hair, UNICE, weft, X-TRESS, xccoco, xuchang Eecamail, YanT Hair, and ziyi queen.


The top-rated product by verified buyers on Amazon is the Blowing Straight Hair 3 Bundles with Closure Brazilian Virgin Hair Three Part Lace Closure with Bundles 8a Straight Human Hair Weft with Closure Three Part Natural Color(10 12 14+10,Three part). This bundle has 137 reviews with 4.8 stars overall.


The Brazilian Virgin Curly Hair Weave 3 Bundles with Lace Closure Free Part 4x4 8A 100% Unprocessed Brazilian Kinky Curly Human Hair Bundles With Lace Closure Natural Color (12 14 16+10') is second with 45 reviews with a 4.9-star rating.


Hermosa Hair 9A Brazilian Body Wave 3 Bundles 100% Good Quality Unprocessed Brazilian Virgin Human Hair Bundles 10 12 14inch Black Color is in third place with 89 reviews with a 4.8-star rating.

Fourth is the Brazilian Water wave with Closure 8A Unprocessed Brazilian Virgin Human Hair 3 Bundles with 4x4 Free Part Closure Natural Color(10 12 14+10 "closure) with a 4.8-star rating with 72 reviews.

Finally, the Bestlove Hair 9A Grade Virgin Brazilian Water Wavy 3 Bundles Human Hair Weave Extensions 100% Unprocessed Virgin Hair Bundles Weft (18 20 22) has 35 reviews with a 4.9-star rating.

The benefit of ordering through Amazon is that many people already order items through the platform; it's secure and trusted, so people know what to expect when placing their order. Half of US households are Amazon Prime members, which offers 1-day and 2-day shipping options for most destinations. Amazon is known for prompt and efficient service and a customer service team that is reliable. Amazon has a robust filter system, allowing customers to choose options like cruelty-free, natural, sulfate, and fragrance-free when it comes to which wigs they want to purchase. They can select a price range, sort by best reviews, color, and length, so Amazon makes it very easy to find the product that fits their needs.

Amazon aims to be the world's most customer-centric business. Their return policy is 30 days for products shipped and fulfilled by Amazon. For third-parties, they have specific return policies, but typically, it's 15-30 days.

Customers choose Amazon over the competitor because they are a trusted, household brand. They know what to expect when it comes to products, and they know that it'll be a fast and efficient experience. 

Asteria Hair Official Website


Asteria Hair Official Website


Asteria Hair is a virgin hair brand located in Xuchang, China. Since 2000, they have specialized in producing a variety of high-quality wigs and hair pieces. They pride themselves on excellent customer service and fast shipping. Although based in China, they offer free shipping to the United States, UK, Canada, and France.


They have a wide range of products. The Human Hair Weave is available in Brazilian, Peruvian and Malaysian hair, in 8 different textures and is available as bundles. They have seven various Lace Closures available in 8 different textures. Wigs include Lace Front Wig, Colored Wig, Bob Wig, Closure Wigs, Full Lace Wig, Silk Base Wigs, and Long Wigs. They also offer Blonde and ombre products to suit all their customers wants and needs. A unique feature that Asteria Hair provides is the ability to purchase at wholesale prices. Wholesale pricing is ideal for salons and self-employed stylists that want to feature their products and sell to their clients.


Their most highly recommended products include the 1pc Ear To Ear Lace Frontal with 3 Bundles Straight Virgin Brazilian Hair Weft, Peruvian Body Wave Virgin Hair Human Hair 3 Bundles with 13*4 Lace Frontal, Best Brazilian Human Hair 4*4 Lace Closure With 4 Bundles Deep Wave, 8A 3 Pcs Straight With 5*5 Lace Closure 100% Unprocessed Brazilian Hair, and the 100% Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair Straight Hair Weave Bundles 3 Bundles With 13*6 Lace Frontal. These are the top 5 rated products on the website.


Asteria Hair offers a service guarantee. “Reasonable Price, Trusted Quality” are words they value as a company, so their service guarantee matches that. Before your purchase with them, they ensure all of their reviews are accurate and honest, never removing customer photos or reviews. They respond as quickly as they can, with a five working hour maximum standard. After the sale, they provide tracking details for your purchase, 15-day return policy for unaltered items, and they are always available to take your concerns. Asteria also offers the ability to purchase through websites like AliExpress and Amazon.


All purchases are processed through PayPal on the Asteria Hair site, which many consumers use as their preferred payment when shopping online. Depending on the location, shipping is typically 2-5 business days after a 2-day processing window. Some destinations can be up to 7 days.


Their website offers a blog, with a lot of resources to help their clients. Many human hair companies don’t include this type of resource for their customers. They include How-To’s, educational articles on their products and types of hair, coupon codes and sales, recommendations for first-time buyers and tips to keep their products lasting longer.


They provide their current coupon codes in the coupon section of their website, allowing customers to take advantage of better pricing consistently.


Asteria Hair has positive reviews online overall. Happy customers claim the hair is durable, high quality, and they are thrilled with their purchase and are likely to repurchase from the brand. The only complaint is that the hair pieces do shed, but that is typical for almost all wigs and hair pieces. There are many YouTube video reviews available from people all over the world, and the majority of them are very positive and complimentary of the brand.


Asteria Hair has been around for almost 20 years, and their expertise reflects that. They offer their customers an excellent product at affordable prices, and they have a positive reputation in the hair community. With so many options available on Asteria Hair’s website, including bundles and wholesale purchasing, customers can find exactly what they’re looking for.

AliExpress, AliExpress Human Hair Weaves and The Brands

AliExpress Human Hair Weaves

 Search Hiar at Aliexpress as follows:

AliExpress is an e-commerce brand based in China. In 2010, the Alibaba Group launched AliExpress as a means to provide products to international clients. The Alibaba Group is made up of many smaller businesses from China, Singapore, and other surrounding countries. AliExpress is the most successful e-commerce site in Russia and Brazil’s 10th most popular website.


AliExpress’s platform allows individuals to sell their products to people all over the world, but companies can sell to consumers as well. It’s compared to eBay or Amazon, but it allows small businesses and individuals in China to sell to people all over the world through their personalized store. AliExpress’s parent company, Alibaba Group, has a total employee count of just over 100,000 as of March 2019.


The growth of AliExpress has been explosive, with the Alibaba group of companies leading the e-commerce game right behind Amazon. In 2011, it showed immediate popularity and began to take over and surpass the competition in significant ways. Between 2016 and 2017, AliExpress grew an impressive 80% year-over-year.


AliExpress is a huge platform that offers room for the best brands to sell their product. The wig and weave brands they work with are: Ali Grace, Tinashe, Ali Pearl, Ali Annabelle, Unice Hair, Beautiful Princess Hair, Ali Queen, Recool, Beaudiva, ISEE, New Star, SA Hair, CYNOSURE, Baisi, Sexay, Wigirl, Ueenly, Piaoyi, Queenlike, and Kemy.


Buying from AliExpress allows for consumers to have more choice than buying from a single wig company. AliExpress offers lower prices due to the competitive nature of the platform. Shipping is typically free on almost all products. AliExpress has a secure buying platform that customers can feel safe using, and buyer protection in case the items received do not match the standard the consumer was anticipating. Consumers can see before they purchase the rating that the store has, how many people are satisfied with their products, communication, and how fast it was shipped and received. The options are endless on AliExpress, and there is a reason it is becoming stiff competition for Amazon.


There are over 12,000 human hair wigs and weaves that have been reviewed above four stars on the AliExpress platform. The best selling piece on the platform is the Allove Hair-Bundles Natural-Color Straight Brazilian Non-Remy 1/3/4-pieces, with 8,711 pieces sold and a 4.8-star rating. BEAUDIVA Body-Wave Closure Human-Hair-Bundles Lace Brazilian-Hair with Remy is the second most popular with 6,902 sales and a star rating of 4.7. 5,960 Hair-Bundles Closure Zzy Fashion Straight with Peruvian 3pcs Non-Remy have sold with a 4.8-star rating, followed by Meetu Hair-Bundles Closure Straight Malaysian Natural with Non-Remy selling 3,230 units with a 4.9-star rating. Last but not least, with a 4.8-star rating on 2,700 sales, the Hair-Weave-Bundles Buy Ishow Brazilian Straight Non-Remy Natural Can 3 1pc Or is fifth in the top 5 products on AliExpress.


AliExpress has some solid praises about their platform, including low prices, competition, excellent products, and security for their customers. The major criticisms for the company include shipping times, which can range anywhere from 20 to 60 days. Particularly if you are purchasing during the holidays, like Christmas or Chinese New Year, this can be delayed even more. However, consumers do get tracking information to keep tabs on their shipment. Another major criticism is the amount of fraud on AliExpress. It’s unclear what the approval process is for merchants, but some measures should be taken before purchasing anything off the site - including research, reading reviews and learning how to protect yourself on the platform.


Overall, AliExpress is a top-rated site, and the Alibaba Group sells billions of dollars worth of products, sometimes in one day. Learning proper buying methods will serve consumers well, but the platform has many excellent and inexpensive products that consumers can enjoy.

Supernova Hair from Xuchang China

Supernova hair is originated in 2000. It is located in Xuchang in China. They are a professional virgin hair company, manufacturing and selling products in the house. They use 100% natural human hair which are very popular in the ladies. The products are hair weaving, lace frontal, lace closure, lace wig etcetera. They believe in reasonable price, high quality, and best services for the customers. It is a much-enhanced brand in China and manufacturing many beautiful and luxurious products for women who are fond of virgin hair.

They have many customers from all over the world and people are coming over to collect the products in bulk so that they can get good quality in their countries as well. There are many whole sale companies linked to the company but most often they don't make the products which are quality wise better so they only make the products which are not good. People get quality oriented things in the stores only. There are many products of the company which are very good and ladies like a lot. Many ladies demand the products according to the nature and styles of the hair. For example, the nature of hair are according to the countries, Indian hair has a different texture, European hair different textures so that the products are made according to the textures of different countries. They have many fan following and it is depicted in social media accounts.

There are many social media accounts which show the popularity of this company. Many customers order customized hair products and it can be delivered to their destination within 2 to 3 days. They can order the products online. If there is some problem with the delivery there is refund policy as well. The company gives pre-sale and post-sale survives as well. For example in pre-sale buying the products online, then giving the tracking number and delivering the products post-sale includes the delivery of the products at right time to the right person, giving the good quality services, return and change policy and if some need help to the buyer the company gives help. There are many wholesales which worker with the company and the company allows them to sell the products but if the wholesaler is not providing the good quality then company will consider itself liable same is the case with the delivery serves if the delivery service is not good then the company is liable for the return and can change or return the item but it should be within 7 days of checking. The company accepts the payment through PayPal, from debit or credit card, through bank accounts, etc. and the courier services will be DHL, shipping is in the USA, Canada, and United States.

International shipping can take up to 5 days, return and exchange policies are applied all over the world on shipping. The motto of the company is “reasonable price, trusted quality” which is very fascinating to the customers because most of the time customers want the good quality with reasonable price an in shape of supernova hair they can get what they want. On social media, the supernova has accounts on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. 11.7k followers on Instagram, on twitter they got 1243 k followers and their YouTube account and Facebook are also running very efficiently. There are the following contact details of the company:

What app: +8617719937658

IMessage: +8617719937658


So it is clear that supernova hair is the brand which is promising in giving high-quality products at reasonable prices. There are lots of products for example hair weaving, lace frontal, lace closure, lace wig which are according to the needs and desires of a woman. All over the world, this company is getting famous day by day.


Top Hair Brand Tinashe hair

Tinashe Hair

Tinashe hair is the top hair production brand in China. It was founded in 1996.  They are doing large trade and whole selling in the production of virgin hair. Their motto consists of the value of the company which includes teamwork, mutual respect, and customer satisfaction philosophy, employment, and management philosophy which includes management technology mutual benefit and employment oriented., and normally the products go to the retailer and then to the customers.

Normally whole sellers can be a good option as they provide low prices but they don’t provide good quality. And the same products are high-quality products in stores. Since 2016 they are doing their online business and thousands of women are buying the products from there. 60% of the customers are loyal to the company and referring their family and friends to buy these products. 90% wholesalers select them as the top brand which they want to sell but there are some products which they do to offer because they cannot customize them.

There are so many good products in their products range. The products include Tinashe body wave, curly hair, deep wave, loose wave, kinky straight, wet wavy, and many other hairstyles are offered by the company. They have very loyal customers from all over Europe, the United States, Africa, and Asia. Customers can order customized products according to their likeness. Many customers from all the world told the company that they don't get the best quality in different local stores that's why they purchase a bulk amount and bring it to the back home. Tinashe hair is working hard for its customers to provide the best quality. Customers are the topmost priority for them. They get more than 1000 orders online and some of them are customized orders.

The delivery methods are through DHL, FedEx and it takes up to 2 to 5 days to reach to the desired customers and in case of customized products, it can take more time according to the country and nature of the order. If in case the product is not good or damaged, they offer a return policy which is valid within 7 days after purchase. They offer both ore purchase and post-purchase facility o the customers as pre-purchase includes the choosing, ordering and giving the tracking numbers to the customers and post-purchase is to give the timely delivery, return policy and maintaining the quality includes.

They are on social media, for example, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus and YouTube. There are 54,87 followers on Facebook, 27, 93 subscribers on YouTube, on Instagram they have 18.4k followers, 40k followers on Pinterest, and 21, 66 followers on Twitter. So, it’s clear evidence that this is the top brand in hair extensions and provides very beautiful and luxurious hair products. Customers give positive reviews about the products and give five stars on the website and on social media.

On the website they offer many services, for example, people can refer their friends, return policy is there, people can shop online, wholesaling facilities are also present, tracking of orders and many more things. They have a very good reputation all over the world and people are convinced to buy the products again and agn. Following are their contact details;


Whatsapp: +8618737406024

So overall Tinashe hair is the top hair manufacturing brand all over China which is attracted by many customers from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the United States. Many satisfied customers from all over the world are buying the products in bulk and taking them in back homes. Customers are satisfied because of the luxurious and beautiful hair brands which are affordable in prices too.

Klaiyi hair website profile and social media

Klaiyi hair started its business in 2011. They have 10 years of business experience and based in China, CA, and USA. Basically, the origin country is China. Initially, they started with the basic hair styling but later they expanded the business by offering so many other products featuring customized products. This hair brand provides 100% virgin hair brands that are good in quality and affordable too. They started the website in 2011 and started the business and started selling the products online. There are many customers on Facebook, YouTube, and INS. One can contact the brand on social media through these ids;

INS: klaiyihair_no1

Facebook: no1klaiyihair

YouTube: Klaiyi hair

Other contact details are;

(916) 865-9052


There are 61, 395 followers on Facebook, 25, 557 subscribers on YouTube, 114 followers on Pinterest. Many customers are giving good reviews about company products and they are giving mostly 5 stars to the products. Products are designed to give the hair luxurious looks which give volume to the hair and hair feel soft and beautiful. There is a glamour in the products which are liked by all the women out there. They have premium quality and a premium price tag. The products are natural and are suitable for the hair. These are long-lasting and a lot of varieties available in the product ranges. They have products in virgin hair type, virgin hairstyles, wigs, lace closure, and frontal, color hair weave, etc. and there are many sub-products under these brands. For example Brazilian hair, Indian hair have specific types and specific type of hair are designed for them. 

They provide wig making services, track order services, hair care services, refund services, etc. there are pre-sale and after sale services. Pre-sale services include product description, online showing the products, quick messages reply, 24 hours reply back to the customers. Sending the tracking numbers after online bookings. After sale services include service guidance, effectively responding back, return and refund policy, professional after-sale services and many more. They respect their customers and believe in customer satisfaction that why they tend to manufacture the products that are liked by the customers the most. Customers can order customized customers and customized products can be made within the specific time period. Customized products can be according to the choice of customers. And customers can tell the company about the requirements, the products are manufactured as they said. Delivery time is basically 24 hours but in case of customized products, it can take up to 2 to 3 days to deliver the order.

If the customers feel that delivery services are not up to the mark they can tell the company and company can fix the problem. They offer a monthly giveaway and nowadays there are discounts on many products. They give the guarantee of the products so that the customers buy the products without any hesitation because they know if there is some fault in the products they can return it. They damaged products can be returned within 7 days of the testing.

The company can replace that and customers will be satisfied by getting the desired product. After online ordering, there are tracking numbers provided which can be helpful in tracking the order.  The delivery services are for all over the world and time of delivery is the standard Asian time from 10 am to 4 pm. The delivery is made through DHL, UPS, and TNT. Payment is done through PayPal, credit cards, bank accounts, etc.

So, the Klaiyi hair is a brand which is promising for providing the best quality hair to the customers by giving good quality and cheap pricing both.

WigginsHair “Once Meet, Never Forget”

Wigginshair was established in 2007, and now working in China. The online presence of the company makes its familiar among a lot of females. They believe in the beauty of the woman that's why they are keen to produce the hair wigs which are beautiful, give luscious to the hair and are cheap as well.
The history begins in 2007, when Wiggins Hair Official Website begins its business in 2007, with its personal qualified virgin human hair producer which is aware of designing the hair with the beautiful finishing touch. They offer market researche and exhibit the sales of virgin human hair which are liked by women a lot. Their factory is present in Kuching, Henan, China, the major sordid of human hair manufacturing, with appropriate carrying entrance. Persistent in Wiggin’s people’s detection, Wiggins Hair owns a good reputation for its superiority and provision.

The contact details are as follows:

Message: +8617703997280

Whatsapp: +8617703997280


 It’s a brand which is a combination of beauty, fashion, and accountability in which every lady trust and loves to. Company is offering all sort of products. Currently, there is an offer on their products as they are going to celebrate the anniversary. Their products include human hair weave, closure and frontal, wigs, hair bundles with closures, ombre hair and blonde hair, and lose deep. There are further subcategories in these styles of hair extensions. Their products are famous for the quality and softness plus cheap in pricing. They believe in “excited pricing, trusted quality”.

The payment is in US dollar and 4 other currencies. They give discounts on many products and can make customized products as well. They believe in the satisfaction of their customers and provide the latest designs. They give good quality to the virgin hair and offer the best customer services. They believe in listening to the customer, what they actually want and then they manufacture the products according to ti customers’ needs and requirements and after that, they focus on the after-sale services and improve their products time by time.

They offer 24 hours online chat and customers can get the information and can order the wigs online. Also, they provide the messages, emails facilities and promptly answers the questions of customers. They also provide after sale services, return policies and damaged products can be back in stores within 7 days and after that, they can offer to replace them. Delivery is done through third-party logistics, or the courier companies, customers can also complain if they find out that delivery services are not satisfactory. The delivery time is initially 24 hours and if there is some problem it can go to 2 to 3 days. But customized hair can take up to 3 days to deliver the products.

They provide delivery services that are best and money can be transferred through PayPal, also they provide credit card facility. Western Union and bank transfers are also a mode of payment offered by the company. They provide FAQ services. Currently, they have their own website, they have accounts on YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. There are 12, 427 followers on Facebook, 2035 subscribers on YouTube, 39.6k followers on Instagram, 80.5k followers on Pinterest. This shows how much their products are led by all over the world. When seeing at the reviews one can see that customers are very satisfied with the products. So Wiggins' hair is a brand that provides the best hair products to the customers and virgin hair can be accustomed to these beautiful, luscious brand and the products can beautify the hair which is a dream of a woman, to have long beautiful hair.

At home page have coupon.

BeaHairs Company Profile and Some Review I know

BeaHairs Company is located in China and it started working in 2001. BeaHairs is known by the quality of its products and is shipping its products all over the world. The products which we offer at BeaHairs are hair lace wigs, hair colored wigs, fashion accessories, and hair extensions. We also offer Flash Sale for our products and you can avail the best discounts. Customized products are also made on your special demand and according to your needs, a perfect product is prepared and shipped for your use. You can place your orders online and we ship our products all over the world and shipping time is 3-5 days. We offer fast shipping and our trusted website is

You can find out company presence on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. The increased popularity of BeaHairs can be seen by its Instagram followers. More than 650k followers are following us at Instagram. Other than social media, you can also contact us at our official contact and WhatsApp number: +86-15954895922 and Gmail address of the company is

Since the birth of BeaHairs, it has established itself by making innovations and research in hair products and now fashion accessories are also included in the product line. Expert advises are also offered on our website through the FAQ and Blog sections. This increases your fashion knowledge about the hair products and makes you aware of the do’s and don’ts of the hair accessories and hair products. We are providing you non-stop service and our live chat window offer you live support from our company representative and you can get any assistance at any time.

BeaHairs is a best seller and best hair supplier of all hair categories which not only sells its products but also guides you to choose the right kind of products for your hair type. We use 100% virgin hair that belongs to humans only. We offer products gone through best sanitary processing and we ship the products directly through our store without any additional costs. We are committed to our offered features and our Quality Assurance staff is making possible the delivery of the best-featured products. Our 30 hair technicians are fully dedicated to the making of hair products and wigs which have a long life and are made with the best hair laces.

Our Refunds, Repairs, and Exchange Policies are fair and we have sufficient stock in the inventory. So that we can deliver the ordered products immediately, without any delays. We deliver all over the world and are steadfast to ship our products to all the valued customers who are eager to find out our products delivered to them right at their places.

For your help and guidance, we have provided different charts for the selection of right kind of hair wigs, extensions and hair products. We accept money through PayPal, Payoneer, Western Union, and MoneyGram. This money is accepted in USD Dollars.

For your satisfaction, you can also find out on our website the best reviews of the customers whom we delivered our products.  Our customers are also happy because they get loyalty points when the products are shipped to them. You can read out reviews by our customers on our website under the Reviews category. We receive these reviews through Email, Videos, Images, and Articles.  

Hence, BeaHairs is the best hair category brand for you because it will add glamour and natural looks to your personality. If you want to look gorgeous and stunning, BeaHairs is a perfect place for your dreams to get hair wigs, extensions and fashion accessories from.



Know more about Bellami Hair

About Bellami Hair

Bellami Hair is a hair beauty products company that wants every woman in the world to believe that they are beautiful. The majority of their products are entirely made of human Remy hair that is easy to apply and hardly noticeable because it blends well with natural hair.

One of the most crucial aspects of the operations of Bellami Hair is their dedication to customer service. The company ensures that the customer's priorities are attuned to, before the purchase, during delivery and better yet, after the application of the product.


As mentioned above, Bellami Hair pays close attention to the wishes of their consumers. In case of any queries, clients can visit the head office, which is located at 3850 Royal Avenue Suite A, Simi Valley, California. The headquarters remain open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays.


Bellami Hair was established in 2012 by Julius Salerno and Nikki Eslami. The company has since grown from a modest hair products e-commerce store into one of the biggest fashion brands in the US. At the time of writing, it had 50 employees.  Another proof of its development is the opening of satellite offices in Houston, Miami, New York, West Hollywood, and Vancouver.

Products Sold by Bellami Hair

Bellami Hairs offers a wide range of products for the conditioning of human hair. They include;

  • Clip hair extensions – these are temporarily applied to supplement natural hair. They comprise human hair ponytails, synthetic ponytails, clip-in extensions, and clip-in bangs.
  • Permanent hair extensions – these are the longer-lasting alternatives to the extensions mentioned above. They include tape-in extensions, keratin tip extensions, I-tip extensions, and sew-in extensions.
  • Wigs – this comprises Alinna synthetic wigs, synthetic hair wigs, and human hair wigs.
  • Lashes – these include the new Bellami lashes and Dove Cameron lashes.
  • Hair tools – these are useful in conditioning hair products. They include blow dryers, curling irons, hair styling toolsets, and a 2-in-1 curler and flat iron.
  • Accessories – they include wig accessories, hair extension storage bags, hair brushes, and detanglers, and hair replacement tapes.

Advantages of using Bellami Hair

  • The customer support is online throughout the week and promptly responds to any queries about the company.
  • The online store offers a vast variety of hair beauty products, along with the required accessories.
  • Purchases are available for both wholesale and retail customers.
  • The company continually releases new products to serve the ever-growing demands of their clients.

Social Media

Social media presence is invaluable to every online business in this age. Bellami Hair has active accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube, through which it updates customers of any new developments and responds to their queries as well.

Best-Selling Products

Of all the products listed on Bellami Hair, the following have generated the highest sales;

  • Niki Demartino 16" 120g Hair Extensions
  • Magnifica 240g 24" Clip In Hair Extensions
  • Balayage by Guy Tang 160g 20" Clip In Ombre Hair Extensions
  • Natalie Eva Marie 120g To 240g 18" To 24" Testarossa Hair Extensions
  • Bellami Ombre 160g 20" Clip In Hair Extensions


According to most customers, the most impressive quality of Bellami Hair products is that they can be washed, dried, and ironed like natural human hair.

Bellami Hair has done a lot to fulfil their primary objective of making women feel attractive.  This company is gaining popularity because of its excellence, and has already expanded its reach to Canada. This trend is widely expected to continue as the company works to become a global leader in the hair beauty industry.


How about Divatress hair?

Divatress Company Profile

Divatress is an e-commerce platform that aims to become the most popular retail store for wigs on the internet. In addition to selling a vast variety of hair products, the company is working towards this goal by offering an exceptional shopping experience, quick deliveries, and prompt response to any issues raised by clients.

The name 'Divatress' comes from the term 'diva' which refers to a queen or a goddess, and 'tress' which is a lock of hair. The company believes that every woman should have a hairstyle that makes them feel beautiful.


The Divatress head offices are located on 2444 W. 16th Street, Ste 1E, Chicago, Illinois. The designated customer service hours are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. every weekday. 


Divatress was established in 2009. The company has since grown to become a household name in the hair beauty products niche. Their rapid expansions mean that the company now ships its products to many overseas countries.

Products sold by Divatress

Divatress made its name by selling wigs. The company, hover, has significantly diversified its product portfolio and now offers hair extensions and hair care products.

 The following are the products available on the Divatress e-commerce hair beauty store.

  • Wigs – this comprises synthetic wigs, human hair wigs, Remy wigs, human hair blend wigs, short & long wigs, and Pelucas.
  • Lace front wigs – these include braided wigs, lace frontal wigs, Remy lace front wigs, synthetic lace front wigs, and human hair lace front wigs.
  • Braiding hair – comprises synthetic braids, human hair braids, crochet braids, box braids, faux locs & loc braids, and hot braids.
  • Half wigs – includes synthetic half wigs, human hair half wigs and human hair blend half wigs.
  • Remy hair – comprises Remy weaves, Remy bundle hair, and Remy clip-ins.
  • Hair extension –comprises human hair extensions, human blend hair extensions, and synthetic hair extensions.
  • Ponytails – includes synthetic ponytails and human hair ponytails
  • Hair care products – include shampoos & conditioners, hair lotions & moisturizers, hair & body oil, and relaxers.
  • Accessories p includes styling tools, cobs &brushes, cosmetics, and polishes.

Advantages of Shopping with Divatress

  • The platform accepts popular payment methods such as PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.
  • Customer can easily track their shipments using a tracking number that is availed after order placement.
  • Customers can return a defective item within 30 days after its delivery for a refund, minus the shipping fee.
  • Divatress offers promotional discounts to all new customers.

Social Media

Divatress usually offers special promotions and updates using their social media channels. The company has accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube.


Best-selling Products on Divatress

Here is a list of the most popular hair products on the Divatress beauty store;

  • Outre Synthetic WigPop Wig – Shannon
  • Janet Collection Synthetic Noir Everytime Drawstring Ponytail – Gooseberry
  • Bobbi Boss Human Hair Blend Extreme Part Lace Front Wig – MBLF-230 Sana
  • Mane Concept Human Hair Blend Brown Sugar Natural Hairline Lace Front Wig – BSN204 Acadia
  • Janet Collection Synthetic Noir Everytime Drawstring Ponytail – Apricot


The majority of consumers of Divatress products recommend them for their ease of use, as well as pocket-friendly prices. They are also available in a wide range of options.


Divatress continues to appeal to many users because of the huge investments the company has made to give users an exceptional shopping experience. The firm has also made similar efforts in improving the delivery of goods, particularly to overseas destinations. The objective is to enable customers in foreign countries to receive their orders in the shortest time possible (24-48 hours).