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Wig Types: It is a online shopping website of Wigs or All Type of Wigs.

What is "Wig Types" ? You can find answer on internet, let me description as follows.

1. Wig Types, is the types of wigs. (1) usually the Wigs including Human hair wigs and Synthetic wigs according to hair material. (2) Wigs type including fashion wigs and medical wigs according to use. (3) Wigs including Lace Front Wigs and Full Lace Wigs etc according to the Wigs caps. Bellow image is Wigs Cap Type:

(4)  Wigs including Curly, Kinky, Straight, Wavy, Yaki Wigs according to the Wigs hair styles.

(5) Also Wigs including African American Wigs.

2. WigTypes is a registered trademark of website which domain name created on 2012-03-20 and expires on 2018-03-20, Wigtypes founded in 2011 to 2017, WigTypes looks popular website of Wigs, organic search from google , bing and other search engine about 97.8K everyday like images show:, you can find many good reviews from siteJabber .com and Have a good reputation.

Wigtypes Featured Products: Remy hair- Lace front wig- Wigs- Full cap- Half wigs- Weaving hair- Braid hair- Ponytail etc. 

What is Arda wigs and what are Arda wigs made of ?

Yesterday my sister just want to buy a wigs, let me help she to find some online shopping site, I search on google and found the site, and then I research the site, now I share my experience as follows.

Arda is a brand of arda-wigs, official website is, in Canada website is Arda Wigs is located in Chicago USA, founded in 2009, the alexa rank about 30 000 in USA. about have 27K IP-customers everyday from Google.

Arda main products are cosplay and fashion wigs including Clearance Wigs,Short Wigs,Medium Wigs,Long Wigs,Lacefront Wigs,Unique Wigs,Multicolor Wigs,Wig Accessories and Makeup and other Misc products. The wigs made of great quality fiber available, price about under $100, less than the human hair wigs about $200 or more.

I found Arda wigs have store on many third-ecommerce like Amazon, Etsy. Looks they have a big sales net online. and they have great Returns & Refunds policy, they have credit card and paypal payment for protect customers.

But I see online someone wouldn't recommend them wigs, and wigs made of fiber will tangle and shedding. People just want a generic wig that requires no styling, and Arda's wigs made for styling, which means their fibers are more coarse so they can hold in the products your putting in, and you can't styling again like the human hair wigs. But I found their Cosplay wigs looks very good, and no one wan to restyle. What do you think so? please leave here a comment for help others.

What is different between Synthetic Hair and Human Hair - Burning Test Video

What is different between Synthetic Hair and Human Hair? there are 3 simple ways to identify.

1. It is tested with electric plywood. The electric plate to plug in the power supply, the temperature of the plywood to a maximum of 220 degrees, and so the temperature reached, the use of electronic pincers to force the hair to be detected, gently pull 5-6 times, if it is hair Straighten, if it is fibrous hair will become curled or melted, as well as their own touch, others the hand feel is not the same for the two hair.

2. Much difference price of synthetic hair wigs and Human Hair, the Human hair wigs price about is 3-8 times of synthetic hair wigs.

3. If you have two kinds of hair, you try to tear off a few with fire to test, the real person after the fever can be crushed ash. And the fiber will burn hard after the hard, grind is not broken. Real hair and fiber burning my taste is also very different.

Follow is the hair burning experiment, the hair from our factory stock.

Hair Burn Testing Video 1  -  left is Synthetic Hair, right is Human Hair


Hair Burn Testing Video 2  -  after some minutes, see the hair residue.


Where to buy the great quality brazilian hair and extensions for easy?

Want to buy a hair product is not easy in today markets, choose the right one Brazilian hair extensions have to check the follow step.
1. Before you buy, search some information on Google of probably the price, I found the website it is platform, high alexa rank, looks good. You can understand the price first.

2. Found the site have to accept PAYPAL, credit card payment, Ensure payment security.
3. Last step is important, because today hair wig market in the complexity of the quality, how to choose a high or real quality is not easy. You have to find a online mall their quality is detailed classification, like 5A 6A 7A 8A 9A and more, not just top quality blurred.

3 point let you have known what is lace front wigs?

What is a lace front wigs? please look the follow 3 point. Then you will roughly understand.

1. Part Component. What is a lace front wigs? To find out what's wigs, wigs are a whole wear on head, including many parts, swiss lace or french lace and fixed parts, as well as hair, unlike the hair weave hair bundles, just hair bundles extend on your hair, complete with caps, so the lace front wigs the price is more expensive, throws beam in comparison. Lace front wigs are part of the fixtures in front with lace, followed by the soft material is corrosion-resistant
2. Main Lace. Lace front wig has a swiss or french lace in the front of the unit that are cut off just prior to be installed on your head. The lace front wig provides the illusion of a natural hair line looks, because the front of head hairline is easy to be seen, so need a lace as same as the scalp, so it need to The base of a lace front wig isn't made of lace, but of a thicker material that is still comfortable. A great wigs, even lace front wigs also need some baby hair, with the baby hair effect, make the edges look more natural and there can often be issues with the tape used to adhere the wigs to the front edge of your skin.
Lace mesh compare
3. Price. A right really good lace front wig can cost you about from 200-400 USD, not including the application fees, you can also find cheaper wigs at a beauty supply shop, maybe some hair salon supply the wigs too, price depending on the hair texture(curly, straight, deep curly), hair quality - the hair quality have 5A-8A grade, length, no doubt long hair is more expensive, and lace quality, and if is ombre hair you are going for, and some brand customs top quality handmade lace front wigs will reach $1000 or over, and life time also about 2 year, I think just the star can wear it Affordable :).

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