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Nadula History

Are you a lover of virgin human hair? Are you looking for a reputable human hair company for your business partnership? Do not look further since Nadula products will leave you sorted. Nadula hair and wigs factory is among the leading companies that produce, sells, and supplies high-quality, unique, and presentable human hair to all corners of the world.

Some of their natural hair brands include; Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, virgin hair, Malaysian hair, and Indian hair that gives a real definition of an elegant woman.
Besides, they have varieties of human hair wigs, hair extensions, weaves, and lace closures available in different styles, sizes, textures, and colors. Also, their weave textures are incomparable. Some of their weave types are; water wave, body wave, hairs with curls, straight, natural wave, and deep wave.

Talking of hair wigs, Nadula makes monofilament human hair wigs which cover their customers’ demand. Some of their wigs include; curly, straight, and wavy human hair wigs available in short, medium, and long sizes depending on their customer’s taste and preferences. The best thing about this reputable company is that their products are always available in the market at competitive prices.

Nadula History
Nadula is an enormous natural hair company located in Xuchang, China. They are known for being among the leading factories in providing the best quality human hair products globally. The company got established fourteen years ago and since then, they produce, processes, sells, and export their products within and out of China.

Advantages of Nadula products
Nadula products give its user a slay look. Putting on a Nadula human hair improves the user’s looks and personality. Their colors are also noticeable from far giving the user an illusion of natural hair.
Secondly, the esteemed company serves its clients with a 100% real hair free from chemicals and animal hair.

Nadula wigs, braids, and extensions are durable to the extent of lasting a year without losing or deteriorating their value or shape. You only need to re-style or trim it to your preferred size and style whenever it feels monotonous.
Also, the company sticks to its shipping schedule to ensure that, no shipping inconveniences arise.

Their cooperative, qualified and experienced workers are usually committed to meeting the customer’s standards.
Talking of fashions and trends, Nadula has passionate partners and researchers who ensure that they supply their customers with human hair according to the emerging trends.
Wholesalers also have the benefit of purchasing their orders on discount.
The company operates with the new technological machines and equipment ensuring their clients’ consistent supply of quality products at a reasonable cost. In addition to that, Nadula has qualified and experienced staff, able to deliver on their customers’ demand and preferences.
Finally, being in the online beauty industry for the past fourteen years, the company has mastered the concept of honesty and reliability while conducting their deal.

Payments and shipments
All orders are made on weekdays (Monday to Saturday), but in case the customer gives incorrect shipping telephone number, and address, whereafter the fifth day the order is canceled. Their preferred billing methods include; T/T, Western Union, Credit card, Moneygram International, and Paypal. supplies their products from their secured warehouses based in Lagos-Nigeria, California-US, and China to different regions in; US, Canada, Europe, Brazil, UK, and Nigeria.

Nadula Contacts
If you have any inquiry, quotation, or concern, you can reach the company via the below contacts;
Telephone number: 626-692-9008;
Whatsapp number: +86-17698011015;



Interestingly, you can also contact the company via their facebook page, twitter handle, Google plus, Instagram, Pinterest, and on their YouTube channels.

A review places a company or brand into its right position. However, every positive review energizes the company hence motivating it towards providing clients with the best products. The experience isn’t different when it comes to the The truth is follows closely on their customer’s feedback to maintain or improve their services. Below are some of their treasured replies.

“The hair was really wonderful and soft I loved it, it was easy to bleach and color, the texture didn’t change at all it stayed soft, also it did not shed at all I will be ordering from Nadula again.”
-Ty’Reanna on 16th November 2018

“Hi. I Love the hair is pretty, and it’s so soft you guys outdid yourself....”
-Beverly Glass on 16th November 2018

“I love the hair it’s so full, love Nadula hair
-Faith on 10th November 2018

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