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For what reason would individuals purchase counterfeit tennis shoes?

Why would people buy fake sneakers? To be more honest, I have no idea. But from reading a lot of blogs and articles on the subject, it seems like most people are attracted by the money these sellers are able to make selling what appears to be authentic designer shoes.

If you think about it for a moment, it's kind of funny. You know that the shoes you're wearing really aren't made by your favorite brand, but someone is selling them on an online auction site, and they insist that they're the real deal. So do you really believe them?

Now, I'm not saying that the Internet is totally out of the reach of hackers. It is possible for someone to create a website that will allow you to sell knockoffs. But that's not what people do. People want authentic pairs of sneakers. And the real problem comes in when you get caught up in the hype of the product and fall for the hype.

Real pairs of sneakers can cost a lot of money. You'd need to have a pretty substantial income, or at least a decent bank account, to be able to afford a pair. Of course, it wouldn't really do you any good to just buy a cheap pair. You'd probably end up with blisters and bruises.

The real question then becomes, why would someone risk that kind of money on a bogus product? That's a great question. There are a lot of ways that you can get hype for a fake product. Sometimes the real thing is very close to the kind of product that you would find at a cheaper price elsewhere.

There are a few ways to spot fake sneakers. For instance, you should be able to feel the plastic. You shouldn't be able to tell whether the shoe is a real one just by holding it. You also shouldn't see any seams on the sole. If you see these seams, then it's probably not a genuine pair of sneakers.

So why would people buy them? It might be because they're cheap. In the age of recession, every person needs to save a little bit of money. This means they will go for the cheapest option. When there's a shortage of sneakers, the only thing that is available is the fake ones. They are cheap and they will last a long time.

Now that you understand why people are tempted to get them, how do you avoid this happening? Well, don't just look for a seller near your school. Sellers of fake sneakers aren't likely to advertise where they are located. They want you to find them - on the internet, where there are so many other options for you to choose from.

The first place you can look is in online shoe stores. These stores have lower overheads then high street stores, so they tend to sell a little cheaper. Also, if you're lucky, you'll come across some sellers who will take returnable shoes so that you know you're not getting a fake product. Also, they usually have a good return policy so you don't have to worry about wasting money on shoes that won't work. You're much better off buying shoes from this type of store rather than your local high street.

Also, if you go to second hand shops, you should be wary of the fake sneakers that you might see there. They might actually be authentic. You'd be surprised at what you find. The quality of these products is not always the same as the real thing so if you're buying for yourself, it's always worth paying a little bit more.

Of course, if you're buying for a kid you don't really want to mess with, then there are plenty of options out there. Just make sure that you're not buying some cheap knock-off that has been glued onto the real shoe. This might seem like an odd way to get shoes but kids really do love looking at shoes and if they're the real deal, then chances are they'll enjoy wearing them. Just make sure you get them something a bit more substantial than the cheapest one you can find.

Why would people buy fake sneakers? It's simply because the shoes available are often of a very low quality. You'll often find that these knock-offs have been glued on rather than sewn on so they will not last long and they are very poor quality. However, if you know where to look, then you shouldn't have any problems. Just make sure that when you do make a purchase, you get the real thing.

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