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Klaiyi hair website profile and social media

Klaiyi hair started its business in 2011. They have 10 years of business experience and based in China, CA, and USA. Basically, the origin country is China. Initially, they started with the basic hair styling but later they expanded the business by offering so many other products featuring customized products. This hair brand provides 100% virgin hair brands that are good in quality and affordable too. They started the website in 2011 and started the business and started selling the products online. There are many customers on Facebook, YouTube, and INS. One can contact the brand on social media through these ids;

INS: klaiyihair_no1

Facebook: no1klaiyihair

YouTube: Klaiyi hair

Other contact details are;

(916) 865-9052


There are 61, 395 followers on Facebook, 25, 557 subscribers on YouTube, 114 followers on Pinterest. Many customers are giving good reviews about company products and they are giving mostly 5 stars to the products. Products are designed to give the hair luxurious looks which give volume to the hair and hair feel soft and beautiful. There is a glamour in the products which are liked by all the women out there. They have premium quality and a premium price tag. The products are natural and are suitable for the hair. These are long-lasting and a lot of varieties available in the product ranges. They have products in virgin hair type, virgin hairstyles, wigs, lace closure, and frontal, color hair weave, etc. and there are many sub-products under these brands. For example Brazilian hair, Indian hair have specific types and specific type of hair are designed for them. 

They provide wig making services, track order services, hair care services, refund services, etc. there are pre-sale and after sale services. Pre-sale services include product description, online showing the products, quick messages reply, 24 hours reply back to the customers. Sending the tracking numbers after online bookings. After sale services include service guidance, effectively responding back, return and refund policy, professional after-sale services and many more. They respect their customers and believe in customer satisfaction that why they tend to manufacture the products that are liked by the customers the most. Customers can order customized customers and customized products can be made within the specific time period. Customized products can be according to the choice of customers. And customers can tell the company about the requirements, the products are manufactured as they said. Delivery time is basically 24 hours but in case of customized products, it can take up to 2 to 3 days to deliver the order.

If the customers feel that delivery services are not up to the mark they can tell the company and company can fix the problem. They offer a monthly giveaway and nowadays there are discounts on many products. They give the guarantee of the products so that the customers buy the products without any hesitation because they know if there is some fault in the products they can return it. They damaged products can be returned within 7 days of the testing.

The company can replace that and customers will be satisfied by getting the desired product. After online ordering, there are tracking numbers provided which can be helpful in tracking the order.  The delivery services are for all over the world and time of delivery is the standard Asian time from 10 am to 4 pm. The delivery is made through DHL, UPS, and TNT. Payment is done through PayPal, credit cards, bank accounts, etc.

So, the Klaiyi hair is a brand which is promising for providing the best quality hair to the customers by giving good quality and cheap pricing both.

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