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Who They Are 
They are the leading maker and online seller of a broad range of high-quality professional virgin hair across the world. For more than 15 years now, they have been helping women be at their best by providing a variety of virgin human hair types including Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian, and Malaysian at very competitive prices. 
Also, they make and sell all kinds of virgin human hair inclusive of weaves, clips in hair extensions, lace closure, and lace wigs. Therefore, regardless of the specific type of virgin human hair that you are looking for, you are sure to find it in our online store.
Their History 
Over the years, they have undergone several changes that now make us unique. They started as an OEM for some of the leading brands of virgin human hair. Our commitment to efficiency and quality as a manufacturer at the time won us accolades across the world. 
It's because of the quality of our products and processes that they decided to launch our unique brand. Ever since they have not looked back; WowAfrican has been fully committed to its original values of quality and efficiency. Currently, all out products speak volumes about the far they can go to help our customers get virgin human hair products of the best quality. 
As a company, they stick to using 100% human hair when preparing our products. They do not mix human hair with synthetics or animal hair. They believe that they owe you the best products as one of the leading companies in the business of making virgin human hair. 
What Makes WowAfrican Unique? 
The WowAfrican factory, which has been running for many years, utilizes the machine wefts and lace wigs production processes. All the products go through specific steps involving preparation, sewing, cutting, and styling before the final packaging step. 
Secondly, they can supply virgin human hair products to every part of the world, thanks to the evolution of our customer value proposition and internal processes. As an online retailer, they maintain a network of suppliers and partners across the world. Thus, they can now efficiently ship our products to any corner of the world within a reasonable time.
Besides, they maintain stocks at optimal levels. Because of this approach, they can confidently guarantee all our customers a steady and reliable supply of their favorite products.
As a small company that serves a global audience via an online platform, they hold dear several essential values. For example, they believe in honesty when dealing with our customers. 
WowAfrican has cultivated a keen sense of responsibility over the years during which they have been in operation. These values have been passed down to all our employees. Hence, WowAfrican is a highly dependable organization that you can do business with always.
They Core Values 
At the core of our operations, there is the desire to provide the best for our customers. For example, they make sure that every single hair product that they stock has passed strict quality standards. Thus, when you purchase any product from this online store, you are confident that the quality assurance department has checked it thoroughly. 
WowAfrican uses this approach because of the need to establish long-lasting relationships with customers. 
Although our interaction starts with hair products, it tends to go beyond that. They view our role as helping to get the best out of you in your life. Therefore, they seek to establish long-lasting relationships with our clients by developing and conveniently providing the best products. 
They have optimized the online purchasing process on our platform to make it easy for you to complete the process. You can easily choose the specific product you are interested in, check the prices, and add it to your cart within a few minutes. 
Moreover, it is easy to compare the prices and qualities of related products when making a purchase. Thus, buyers on our online platform go through a highly convenient and secure process to get the right products that they would like to purchase.


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