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Top Hair Brand Tinashe hair

Tinashe Hair

Tinashe hair is the top hair production brand in China. It was founded in 1996.  They are doing large trade and whole selling in the production of virgin hair. Their motto consists of the value of the company which includes teamwork, mutual respect, and customer satisfaction philosophy, employment, and management philosophy which includes management technology mutual benefit and employment oriented., and normally the products go to the retailer and then to the customers.

Normally whole sellers can be a good option as they provide low prices but they don’t provide good quality. And the same products are high-quality products in stores. Since 2016 they are doing their online business and thousands of women are buying the products from there. 60% of the customers are loyal to the company and referring their family and friends to buy these products. 90% wholesalers select them as the top brand which they want to sell but there are some products which they do to offer because they cannot customize them.

There are so many good products in their products range. The products include Tinashe body wave, curly hair, deep wave, loose wave, kinky straight, wet wavy, and many other hairstyles are offered by the company. They have very loyal customers from all over Europe, the United States, Africa, and Asia. Customers can order customized products according to their likeness. Many customers from all the world told the company that they don't get the best quality in different local stores that's why they purchase a bulk amount and bring it to the back home. Tinashe hair is working hard for its customers to provide the best quality. Customers are the topmost priority for them. They get more than 1000 orders online and some of them are customized orders.

The delivery methods are through DHL, FedEx and it takes up to 2 to 5 days to reach to the desired customers and in case of customized products, it can take more time according to the country and nature of the order. If in case the product is not good or damaged, they offer a return policy which is valid within 7 days after purchase. They offer both ore purchase and post-purchase facility o the customers as pre-purchase includes the choosing, ordering and giving the tracking numbers to the customers and post-purchase is to give the timely delivery, return policy and maintaining the quality includes.

They are on social media, for example, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus and YouTube. There are 54,87 followers on Facebook, 27, 93 subscribers on YouTube, on Instagram they have 18.4k followers, 40k followers on Pinterest, and 21, 66 followers on Twitter. So, it’s clear evidence that this is the top brand in hair extensions and provides very beautiful and luxurious hair products. Customers give positive reviews about the products and give five stars on the website and on social media.

On the website they offer many services, for example, people can refer their friends, return policy is there, people can shop online, wholesaling facilities are also present, tracking of orders and many more things. They have a very good reputation all over the world and people are convinced to buy the products again and agn. Following are their contact details;


Whatsapp: +8618737406024

So overall Tinashe hair is the top hair manufacturing brand all over China which is attracted by many customers from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the United States. Many satisfied customers from all over the world are buying the products in bulk and taking them in back homes. Customers are satisfied because of the luxurious and beautiful hair brands which are affordable in prices too.

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